15 Years of Recruitment at Westhouse

Published on 21.07.2017

Successful recruitment for 15 years – how did it all begin?

In 2002, 15 years ago, Westhouse Group was founded as a recruitment company. With a small office of 24m2, just three employees and no turnover at the beginning, the story started with huge hopes for success, which later turned into turnovers in contracting solutions of up to €4 million.

Today, Westhouse Group is an international recruitment firm with 13 offices and subsidiaries around the world. With a turnover of more than €140 million, 165 members of staff and 1,200 consultants, the company has grown with increasing success over the years, and still maintains this development today. And it aims to continue doing so in the future, with plans to raise the turnover to €230 million and therefore hire additional employees.

How has Westhouse become so successful through recruitment and contracting?

What makes Westhouse so successful in the recruitment market? In addition to lots of hard work, trust and flexibility, this is above all down to a strong will to succeed and a belief in the people who work for the company. Three main factors within the company’s work are still of huge importance today and also form the future of Westhouse.

The firm is aiming to improve its market position by getting closer to the customer and raising brand awareness. The company’s position as a companion in all areas of the personnel and job search is to be cemented for customers and candidates; Westhouse should be viewed as an experienced personnel finder. Profitability is also a central factor, in addition to a clear organisation.

In this regard, the “Westhouse Group 2020” initiative is going to pool together the most important strategic points for good recruitment. In addition to key partners, activities and resources, these include the company’s value proposition as well as customer relationships and segments, and the various channels the company plans to use to communicate going forward. The cost structure and the sources of income round off the strategy and show the planned development for the next four years.

A new organisation also plays a major role in future plans. The aim of this is to fulfil the goals and ambitions of employees, their skills and commercial needs. This includes the new group structure and the new lines of business with a view to new developments and branching into additional specialist fields.

In summary, Westhouse is particularly successful because it has held firmly to its strategy, despite the growing market, continued to grow with an outlook for the future, and offers an interesting platform to employees who are extremely motivated in pursuing their work, therefore creating new potential for even more contracting.

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