A look ahead to the future: to what extent does SAP offer future security for freelancers?

Published on 23.10.2018

“The best way to predict the future is by shaping it yourself.” said the famous American IT pioneer Alan Kay. And this legend has remained absolutely true, at least until now.
IT consultants and software engineers – whether freelance or permanently employed – have been busy making their contribution to shaping the future over recent decades. These professions have been more popular than any others. Demand for them and the services they provide has remained at a consistently high level. And there has been an above-average increase in their numbers. The big exception was the crisis year 2009. But in relative terms, the slump in demand and revenue for SAP specialists was less than in other occupational groups even at this time. IT expertise in general and SAP expertise in particular have become indispensable for market protagonists of all sizes. Seen from this past perspective, future security has always been part and parcel of SAP and much other software.

This is also reflected in earnings. Hourly rates for IT specialists and SAP experts are above average. And there is an exceptionally high demand for such experts as freelancers, too.

SAP specialists approximately EUR 10 more per hour than other freelancers.

This is an average figure. In numerous cases the difference is far greater. Even entry-level salaries after gaining a bachelor’s degree are at around EUR 47,000 per year. With a master’s degree, these increase by another 10 to 15 percent. But given the strong demand, a master’s degree is not absolutely necessary. Personal experience, specialization and commitment are key factors, too. The highest levels of earning are to be had in the conurbations around cities such as Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Munich and Hamburg. Average earnings here are EUR 69,000 to 75,000 per year. For those who have been in the business long enough, much higher levels are possible in all regions of Germany.

Up until now, earning levels have seen a constant upward trend. But is future security still guaranteed in the future?

In July 2018, Heise Online reported that SAP was once again able to increase its sales in the second quarter, contrary to the DAX trend. SAP has now forecast sales of EUR 24.97 billion for the year 2018 – surpassing previous forecasts by as much as EUR 175 million.

Crucial significance to users gives SAP consultants a trump card.

ERP systems such as those produced by the world market leader SAP have become an integral part of virtually every economic sector. They streamline and shorten processes and sequences. They enable cost savings, strengthen competitiveness and make a vital contribution to increasing efficiency and profits. Another key function of SAP is accounting. So ERP software is of outstanding importance to decision-makers in companies. For this reason, many directors and managers make this area a priority. There is still a high level of willingness to invest in IT employees and good freelancers – a perfect situation for all those who like to be in demand and are looking for a secure future.

Market observation and professional development are still very important for freelance consultants and software engineers.

SAP and the demand for SAP service and consultancy appear to be extremely stable at the present time, with most analysts forecasting ongoing growth. Nonetheless, independent ERP consultants – like all freelancers – should keep an eye on the market as a whole. Of course it is never possible to entirely rule out crises occurring or market shares shifting to competitors.

A look at the current figures shows that anyone with solid IT training has excellent prospects. There are very few occupational groups in Germany that enjoy a comparable situation. Westhouse Group is here to support you and can connect you with interesting clients both in Germany and internationally. We will of course be more than happy to provide you with individual consultation on the subject of future security and indeed any other questions you may have.

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