"Challenging situations – like these – bring us closer together in the future. I am absolutely convinced by that. Now help is more important than ever! And at WESTHOUSE we help – each other and our customers."

Let’s tackle things together!


Current measures to keep the coronavirus at bay are important – even if they bring about numerous challenges for us all.
Westhouse Group also considers them to be an opportunity to pull together because if we do exactly that, we are already halfway there to overcoming these challenges.

At Westhouse we are now experiencing on a daily basis how much “virtually pulling together” can achieve. Just today it has become even clearer to us that we work for innovative companies as well as institutions and collaborate with first-rate experts and specialists – and that’s great!

We deem it particularly important, especially in the immediate future, to be a very reliable partner for our customers and candidates. We will continue to support all customers in driving their projects forward with the help of permanent staff, with colleagues posted to other sites and with companies as well as freelancers.

It goes without saying that we are also taking into account your health and well-being: Together, all Westhouse staff members are contributing to keeping the coronavirus at bay.  A large part of our teams is currently working from home. Many of the IT specialists, SAP experts, engineers and managers we have posted are currently working at least partly from home.

The Westhouse team is standing the test and mastering the situation.


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Everyone who is already collaborating with us can continue to direct their questions to their personal contacts by phone or email. We are here for you.
There is also a host of projects within the context of which we continue to look forward to hearing about from candidates. Call or email us!

Kind regards and we hope you and your loved ones stay healthy!

WE are strong together

René Troche
Managing Director at Westhouse Consulting GmbH and
Westhouse Engineering GmbH

"Let us master these challenging times in a calm and compassionate way. Finding solutions and being optimistic about the future."