Finally Freelancer! This is how it works with the first project

Published on 02.10.2018

Project acquisition, sales tax pre-registration, invoicing and of course, you also have to work in the project – the first time as a freelancer can be pretty stressful. To help you keep track, we have a few tips for you. This way your first projects works like clockwork.

Before the first project: strengthen your profile, analyze your target group, get your finances right

Before you start your own business, you should sharpen your own profile. There are two ways to do this: You can concentrate on a specific target group or specialize in a specific offer.
In any case, you need a well-designed portfolio or compelling profile. This includes already completed projects, tools and programming languages that you’ve mastered and, last but not least, your theoretical background. Freelancers, especially when starting their own business, should not forget to set up a professional website and print business cards.
The question of finances will arise at the latest after the first projects. If you start your first project in June, you will usually send the first invoice at the end of June or even later. A few more days will pass until your customer pays. Time in which your private expenses will continue and even further professional costs can accumulate. Just think about travel and accommodation costs if you take part in on-site projects. Freelancers should therefore have a financial buffer to bypass this period at the beginning of self-employment.
At Westhouse, we’ve made provisions for this: If the bill is filed and approved correctly, we’ll settle it after just seven days (with a 2% discount).
Another tip: If you have a degree in computer science, computer science or engineering, you should inquire about whether you can work as a freelancer, rather than a tradesman. As a freelancer you don’t have to pay business taxes.

This is how freelancers find the right projects

One of the hardest steps in becoming self-employed is finding the right project. The good news: With Westhouse, freelancers can outsource this step and gain valuable experience at the same time. Thanks to our large network, even beginners can get involved in very interesting projects at well-known companies.
And if you let us do the project search, you can invest the time gained in projects or training or simply enjoy your extra-free time. So, check here to see if we already have the right project for you in our database. Or you can send us your profile so that we can contact you as soon as we have a suitable project for you.

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