Head of IT Projects – Crucial Role in Coordination and Success

Published on 21.05.2019

The head of IT projects will have also been called an IT project manager before. Both job titles are used almost synonymously.

What does the head of IT projects do?

The activities of a head of IT projects are very versatile. The head of IT projects defines targets, plans, delegates, and verifies procedures, but also manages and guarantees timely development and specialist implementation. Activities also include specifying the tools and methods used. Different platforms, software architectures, development environments or programming languages may help to find a solution, depending on the project characteristics. The head of IT projects usually also coordinates processes in the run-up to testing as well as quality assurance procedures after the roll-out. They foster an exchange between individual specialist departments, manage staff on the basis of professional skills, and present results. Depending on the project’s priority, they may report back to managers or members of the executive board.

Consequently, the head of IT projects is the crucial interface between developers and users.

The role is exciting and requires IT skills, management expertise as well as organizational skills. The head of IT projects always has specified budgets and deadlines in mind to intervene where necessary.
The head of IT projects works with and coordinates processes between a number of internal and (partly also) external entities and thus the role also requires well developed communication skills. We welcome any talent to micromanage and motivate people as well as provide occasional guidance in this role. Foreign language skills are also essential in medium-sized and large companies.

Where does the head of IT projects work?

The head of IT projects operates in almost any area involving IT projects. Consequently, the range of activities is immense. Nowadays efficient IT throughout all areas is crucial to the success of almost any company. Any type of authority and institution requires customized or individually adapted software, and access to databases.
As the head of IT projects the options and ranges of activities are thus staggering. In this role you may also be working at software manufacturers and system distributors, in the financial sector, at any large service provider, in retail, industry, at suppliers, in telecommunications, and logistics.

How do I become the head of IT projects? And what is the salary like?

The specified requirements may be very varied as a result of the great bandwidth of activities. For instance, a software engineering degree or economics degree (if possible involving IT skills) is very advisable. IHK (German Industrial Chamber of Commerce) and GPM, the German Association for Project Management (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement), provide certified, approved, professional training courses for beginners and advanced professionals.
However, the same principle as almost anywhere in information technology also applies to a head of IT projects: In many cases there are also opportunities for applicants with a different professional background to fit into the role. Experience and a successful track record are often more crucial than qualifications, even though these should never be neglected. Salaries vary greatly depending on the industry, activities, and experience. The current introductory salary in Germany is between €42,000 and €56,000. Many heads of IT projects earn more after a while, sometimes considerably more.
If you are seeking a new challenge as the head of IT projects, contact Westhouse Group. We can rely on tried and tested contacts to employers and clients in many sectors. In this process, our team is always happy to establish a professional relationship with IT, SAP consulting, and engineering experts. Contact us for a non-binding consulting session apply@westhouse-group.com. You are also welcome to check our job vacancies.

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