Environmental Protection

How companies can contribute to the protection of our environment

Published on 04.05.2023

Not only the government, but also companies and individuals bear the responsibility to reduce their ecological footprint with larger or smaller measures.

We have summarized some suggestions, which are easy to implement, on how to protect our environment and climate.

7 tips that help to protect our environment

Implement a paperless office

In order to protect the environment, a paperless office mainly uses IT-supported processes and tools. Documents, such as invoices, do not necessarily have to be printed and filed, but can also be saved as PDF files on the server. Only print out what is really necessary and if so, set “print on both sides” as the default setting for printers and copiers to save paper.

Take the train instead of the plane

Flying is the most climate-damaging way to travel. And many short-haul flights can be avoided. CO2 emissions are much lower and even the price of a train ride is mostly cheaper. Often it doesn’t even take longer to take the train, and also, the time can be used more productively than by plane. With the experience gained in the pandemic, we also know that a video conference is often sufficient.

Use sustainable products

Buy hygiene products, like toilet paper, made from recycled paper and switch to plant-based cleaning products: From soap to dish washing detergent to bath cleaner: there are already agents for all products that are biodegradable. Thus, the environment can be helped and chemical cleaning agents can be dispensed with. These are not only harmful to nature, but also to humans. Also, wherever possible, prefer glass to plastic.

Separate Waste

Paper, plastic, general waste, glass and especially batteries and electrical items should be properly separated – No recycling without waste separation! The recycling of packaging into secondary raw materials saves natural resources and closes the material cycle. To make it easier for your employees you can stick on sorting aids on the garbage cans, which show what belongs where. Also, it helps a lot to reduce the amount of waste that is produced every day.

7 tips that help to protect our environment and climate

Save energy

Use energy-saving lamps and turn off the lights in rooms where they are no longer needed. The same goes for electronic devices in the company kitchen. conference rooms and offices. Turn off what is no longer needed.

Buy Water dispenser or tap water filters

Water dispensers or tap filters can be used to dispense filtered or purified water, which reduces the need for bottles and conserves water resources. It also helps to lower carbon emissions associated with the production, packaging and transportation of bottled water.

Plant trees or support reforestation projects

Through our energy consumption, consumption, travel and nutrition, we alone in Germany cause a CO2 emission of about 9,600 kg per year. Only one tree can cover up to 22 kg of CO2 into oxygen, depending on the species. There a various possibilities how companies can support reforestation projects.

Westhouse sponsors PLANT-MY-TREE®

365 trees sponsored by Westhouse are growing in the north of Germany. Our employees helped out with the planting.

Our forests are endangered, but despite this situation, only two 2% of Germany’s forest areas are protected. Independent studies show that at least 5% percent would be necessary for sustainable climate and species protection.
The purpose of PLANT-MY-TREE® is the reforestation of areas, to preserve meadows, forests and moors, to expand them and to convert them into protected nature conservation areas. The plantations are carried out on PLANT-MY-TREE® own areas. This ensures that the trees growing there stay standing and cannot be used for industrial recycling, therefore helping to get rid of harmful CO2 and to contribute to climate protection.

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