Published 9. October 2018

How to be productive in a home office

Home office

A short walk with the dog, get the mail or surf the net – the distractions of working in the home office are diverse. Find out how freelancers can still be productive with our tips and tricks for successful work in a home office.

Remote work is becoming increasingly popular

Working in a home office sounds like a dream for many employees – and employers allow it more and more often. A recent study by the industry association Bitkom e.V. shows that the number of remote workers has risen by nine percentage points to 39 percent last year. And the trend is likely to continue: 51 percent of the companies surveyed, assume that in the medium term, the proportion of work done in the home office will continue to increase.
In order for freelancers to have a harmonious work-life-balance and, at the same time, are as productive as possible, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Make your home office productive

1. Define a structured workflow. Working from 8 to 12 o’clock, short break and then back to work in the afternoon. With a clearly scheduled working day, other project members and clients know when to reach you.
2. Set up your workplace professionally: bright light, gentle colors and little distraction – that is the recipe for a good job in a home office. You should definitely refrain from working with the laptop on your lap sitting on the couch. Instead, you should get a desk that is big enough and an ergonomic office chair. Because if you sit comfortably and properly, so the chair is high enough and you still have the correct distance to the screen, you can work more concentrated.
3. You are what you wear – with the right clothes you also create the right working attitude. Dress in your home office the same way as if you were at work. Sweat-pants and hoodies should stay in the closet. Instead, smart casual. Because this affects your attitude in a positive way.
4. Create a regular ritual. Those who drive to the office in the morning usually have a fixed schedule. Establish something in that way in your home office. Doing that you prepare your mind for the workday and create distance to your home. This can be done, for example, by taking a few steps outside your door and then returning to the apartment. After that you can sit down at your desk and start to work.
5. Separate work and leisure: Things you would not do in the office, you should also refrain in the home office. Facebook, Instagram or other surfing are for breaks only. Our tip: The Pomodoro technology and other useful tools for a successful time management for freelancers.
6. Your family also has to be involved in the working hours in the home office. Frequent disturbances, especially when all family members are at home, make working unproductive. In this case, establish a clear rule regarding your working hours in the home office.

We hope that with our tips you can work more productive in your home office. Try it yourself and let us know which tip helped you the most.

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