How to successfully establish yourself as an IT specialist

Published on 28.08.2018

Freelancers with an IT background are in the comfortable position of not having to worry about the future and, above all, their job prospects. And despite these fantastic prospects, you can make yourself even more interesting and position yourself as an IT specialist on the market. How this works? By using and – even more important – communicating your individual strengths purposefully.

IT specialist for specific areas

Today it is impossible to be equally familiar with all areas of IT. But you do not have to. Because studies show that specialists receive more requests in the long term than the so-called generalists. At least in the context of project orders. Why is that? Businesses wishing to hire a freelancer typically have a specific problem or project to work on for the IT professional – and IT professionals who focus on a specific market segment know exactly what their customers are looking for. And that is a big advantage if you want to generate more projects. Because the specialist recognizes trends and innovation potential faster and thus has an advantage over the competition.

This is how IT professionals communicate their strengths

There remains only one challenge: to convey this to the client and the market. With our general instructions, you can successfully present your strengths:

  • Establish a clear positioning. What are you particularly good at, where are your priorities, in which sectors did you work?
  • Maintain your online profiles and show your distinguished strengths. This is done best already in the headline or in the first sentence of your profile. Because that way, the client can find the relevant information quickly.
  • Phrase from the customer perspective. Remember that your customer does not necessarily have an IT background. Phrase your strengths in such a way that a non-IT specialist can understand it and point out for which problems your knowledge is best suited to.
  • Run a project list. Show your potential customer what you can do: Have you developed your own software? If so, this definitely has to go on this list. Even career starters may already have gained experience in open source projects during their studies. In general, all projects should be described as accurately as possible so that the client can get a concrete and comprehensive picture of you and your work.

Focus on the job, we’ll do the rest

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