How to use the phases of the job interview optimally

Published on 25.08.2017

Are you nervous about job interviews? Don’t let it show.

Nervousness before a job interview is entirely normal. Don’t let it disconcert you – be assertive. We’ve put together a few tips to support you in mastering your job interview successfully.

Phase 1: Small talk

It’s a well-known fact that we decide whether or not we like someone in the first few seconds. This is why the first phase is not to be underestimated and can influence the further course of the interview.
What’s important is to stay as calm and laid-back as possible and to give off an air of self-confidence.
The handshake, for example, should be adjusted to the strength of your counterpart’s handshake. Look your counterpart directly in the eye and introduce yourself briefly.
Answer their question about your journey naturally and ask a short question in return, appropriate to the situation – this will quickly break the ice.

Phase 2: The “get-to-know” phase – introducing yourself

After you have briefly introduced yourselves, you will be asked about your employment history. Pay attention in this phase to your counterpart’s behaviour and tailor your answers towards this. Try not to go into too much detail, instead focus on all the details relevant to the position. Keep it short and simple.

Phase 3: The “get-to-know” phase – company presentation

In this phase it’s important that you listen carefully. The employer will present the company and provide detailed information about the position to be filled, its requirements and, in some cases, the career opportunities on offer.
Think about comments or comprehension questions here, but don’t interrupt.

Phase 4: Question phase

After the company presentation comes the phase in which you can express your motivation. Present reasons that speak for the company and that motivated you to want to work there. At the same time, refer to your application documents and the content of your CV.

Phase 5: Ending the job interview correctly

Last but not least comes the goodbye and therefore the end of the interview. You can score more points here by asking about the next steps, i.e. when you will be contacted and how.

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