IT experts are essential for future professional environments

Published on 27.05.2019

Information and data processing, software and hardware as well as their useful application remain the driver of countless developments. As part of a current study Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) has identified three core aspects that will dominate professional environments in the future:
• Digitalization
• Alternative professional models
• Developing artificial intelligence
All three trends are not just dreams of the future. Their implementation has long since started, in many sectors around the world. Perfect for IT experts, software engineers, programmers, SAP consultants and engineering specialists as the realization of all three trends within future professional environments would be inconceivable without IT.

Software drives forward how we work tomorrow.

It immediately becomes obvious that IT experts are paramount within the context of digitalization and the development as well as subsequent implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). However, IT is also necessary to apply alternative professional models (item 2 above). How else would we implement these new or expanding professional models than on the basis of high levels of networking (with Intranet and Internet) and an increased use as well as integration of software?
Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) describes many more interesting sub-aspects: our professional lives are said to become more mobile and flexible thanks to ergonomic workplace design and direct links to cutting-edge information technologies. In future it should become easier to streamline our professional and private lives.

More technology for a more humane workplace.

The potentials of virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) for professional training within the context of mechanical and system engineering will also be analyzed. Learning with cutting-edge technologies that will hopefully be easier to remember. A further aspect is the human/machine collaboration as part of Industry 4.0 which is moving towards being perfect at a rapid pace. In this context it is important that ergonomics and thus human elements are also taken into account because this fosters well-being, safety, quality, and productivity.
Artificial intelligence also remains a massive issue: an increasing number of consulting assistants are intended to help consumers and purchasing agents to find the right products. Even more intelligent algorithms will categorize requests to thus automatically identify the right processing entity. Trained systems create forecasts as the basis for the development of new, demand-based, and intelligent projects. Linguistic science procedures analyze texts and processes. Consequently, there will be no need to take care of monotonous tasks or the amount of such tasks will at least be cut.

Launching into the future of professional environments: IT professionals can look forward to it.

This article was only a sneak preview: our work itself and the professional environments of the future are said to become more flexible, efficient, and humane. If we manage to do so, we can all look forward to it, both as employees and employers.
IT professionals can even look forward to it in two ways. According to forecasts they will not only benefit personally from more humane working conditions and more freedom. We can also look forward to the fact that IT services, programming, but also consulting and IT security will be even more in demand.
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