IT freelancers are in good hands with recruitment consultants

Published on 17.07.2018

Good news on the job market: The demand for qualified IT staff is consistently high – and that is likely to remain that way in the years to come. Another winner of this development: Recruitment consultants.

Lünendonk study: Recruitment consultants benefit from digitization

According to the current Lünendonk® market segment study 2018 “The market for recruitment, placement and management of IT freelancers in Germany”, the high demand for IT freelancers is leading to a strong growth of recruitment service providers. On average, service providers grew at double-digit rates over the past four years: Average revenue was 12.9 percent higher in 2017, and similar revenue growth is expected for the current year 2018, as well.
We at Westhouse also benefit from the consistently high demand for qualified personnel, as shown by the results of the Lünendonk ranking. We are particularly proud to move up to seventh place in 2018, continuing to be among the top 10 recruiting agencies in the Lünendonk study. This great result motivates us to stay true to our path and continue to be a reliable partner for customers and IT freelancers.

Recruitment consultants grow thanks to digitization

The reason for the high demand for IT freelancers is the continuing digitalization, but for which often qualified staff is missing. That is why 86 percent of the companies interviewed in the Lünendonk study rely on external help and thus on recruitment consultants.
At the same time, the dreaded drop in sales due to the new provision of the Temporary Employment Act (AÜG) is still missing. The study shows that IT employees are also employed in companies as external employees of the personnel service provider in the form of temporary employment.

More than project brokerage

But that’s not all: even IT freelancers who want to switch to a permanent employment are well advised with a recruitment consultant. Another result of the study is that companies like to rely on the expertise of recruitment service providers when selecting new employees. Thus, the service provider is not only booked for short-term projects, but also for finding suitable new employees for the company.

IT freelancers should rely on trustworthy recruitment service providers

The most important criterion for customers looking for a service provider for IT freelancers is their deliverability. In other words: how fast the service provider can propose IT freelancers with the required qualities for the respective project. As a result, IT freelancers are best placed in those agencies who have already made good or very good contacts in the market. Just like Westhouse. Freelancers who trust our expertise have a good chance of finding exactly the project they are most interested in.
Incidentally, the market share of the top ten recruitment service providers together is more than 20 percent. Also a strong argument for registering with a major service provider. Here, the big customers look first, if they can find an IT Freelancer with the required qualifications.

At Westhouse we are always on the lookout for IT specialists for attractive projects. Are you one of them? Then apply directly to the right project for you. We look forward to working with you!

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