IT project: These factors determine its success

Published on 11.04.2018

IT projects can sometimes be a little bit more difficult to implement than projects in other departments of the company. While colleagues in some departments can fully concentrate on one project, things are a little bit different in IT. The daily business must be conducted as usual, while the IT-project is running on top.
Sounds difficult, but of course not impossible. Find some tips, how to implement an IT project successfully despite all resistances, in this article.

1. Name a responsible person

For the IT project to run smoothly there must be one person who coordinates the whole project and takes care of the day-to-day business at the same time. This is a challenge, because of the staff shortage during a project in the IT department. The reason: Only those people are available to run the IT project, who keep everything running in the department at the same time. Without a well-planned time management and strategic planning this is almost impossible.

2. Separate the IT project from other activities

The next step is to clearly separate the tasks of the IT project from the rest of the daily tasks. This will ensure that you and your co-workers have enough time for the IT-project. This way, you will avoid problems with the deadline at the end.

3. Ensure a complete utilization

An IT project carried out successfully, demands a lot of time since it is carried out in addition to the daily business. In order to be able to cover the increased time requirement, all employees in the IT department must be deployed in the best possible way. A time management tool can make the IT project a lot easier. All co-workers are registered in this tool with their specific available times. Absences due to illness and vacation, as well as the time for conducting the daily business must be registered, too. The remaining time can be used to carry out the IT project.

4. Think about the stakeholders

As the person responsible for the project, you have many tasks. You will not only have to look after the IT project members, but also the stakeholders in the company. For example, to implement a new CRM tool, you need to work closely with Sales and Marketing. However, there is a lot more to that: The management wants to ensure that the implementation of the IT project runs smoothly, too.
There is one simple solution to solve this problem. Good communication with the stakeholders helps to successfully implement the whole IT project. If all parties are well informed, you will experience less resistance. Moreover, this will ultimately lead to the IT project becoming a success.

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