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Published on 14.01.2019

According to Bitkom digital business association there had been around 82,000 vacant positions for IT specialists in December 2018. IT experts who have just completed professional training measures are said to be delighted about this up-to-date figure. And it goes without saying that this additionally reinforces the negotiating position of experienced software specialists who are planning to change jobs in the near future.

27,000 more computer experts are being sought than in December 2017, representing a significant increase by almost 50 percent within 12 months. The gap between the abundance of in part outstandingly paid IT vacancies and suitable candidates for these positions is continuously widening.

82,000 vacant positions for IT Specialists. And the demand keeps increasing.

On average, it currently takes five months until a vacant position in IT is appointed and forecasts predict that this time frame will not only extend further in 2019, but is also said to do so throughout 2020.

There are many reasons for the demand for IT staff and they are hard to satisfy. Digitalization’s pace is increasing and this affects almost all areas of our professional and private lives. Important keywords we are unable to analyze in detail here include the quickly advancing automation of production processes in Europe, the US, China, as well as in emerging countries, the triumph of the Internet; big data; artificial intelligence, and machine learning. These elements and additional factors have the effect that IT experts around the globe are more and more in demand in any industry.

Talents in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with a willingness to learn should consider training as IT Specialists now.

The framework conditions are perfect. Software and computer experts are not just vital for the IT sector, they are paramount for the entire economy. Production downtime and productivity setbacks may be the consequence if the bottleneck continues. If you are willing to learn and invest time, you can hope for a well paid position directly after having completed the training.
Software developers and programmers are currently particularly in demand. However, application and quality managers as well as many other specialists are extremely sought after and this trend is also said to continue into the future.

On the other hand, Bitkom analyses also demonstrate that not every candidate is suitable for every task. Consequently, numerous small, medium-sized, and large companies are relying on recruiters to find the right candidates more quickly and efficiently.

Bringing companies and the most suitable candidates and applicants together.

Westhouse Group is specialized in IT and engineering expert recruiting. We apply cutting-edge analysis methods and our permanently growing expertise as a leading recruiter in the interests of companies and candidates. In this process, we specifically focus on generating a win/win situation for everyone involved. Specialists we refer must be able to develop and evolve their potentials as well as possible to their own as well as the company’s advantage.

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