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Published on 26.07.2019

“Very good opportunities for software developers also in the future”

– recruiters and account managers at Westhouse Group can confirm as a result of their everyday activities: Software developers have been among the most sought-after professions in Germany for years. Hardly surprising, as digitalization, an increased application of artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0, online retail, electronic services, big data analyses, machine learning, and virtual reality are booming. And the first thing you need for these pioneering trends is people to develop and program the software.

What Exactly Do Software Developers Do?

Software developers develop and implement software. In other words, software developers write, improve, and test programs for applications on computers and in any kind of electronic devices for networks and databases. And then they make sure it all works.

In Germany, the job title is not protected. In many cases software developers have graduated from higher education institutions or have an IT degree. However, engineering degrees also offer ways into software development, as do technical, mathematics and science degrees.

Still, you don’t necessarily need a degree: In Germany, there are ways of gaining qualifications in IT-related professions at various specialist education facilities. This is an alternative way of becoming a software engineer.

However, as is often the case in IT, there are many that come from other professions who have taught themselves to develop software or have done professional training courses.

Which Types of Software Developers are There?

Simply put, a distinction is made between the following five professions:

Frontend developers program what users of an application or app see. Frontend developers consequently deal with graphic and other user interfaces. This most of all includes applications’ layout. Typical programming languages include HTML, CSS JavaScript or JQuery.

Backend developers are responsible for what goes on in the background. They develop and implement the functional logic of the corresponding software application. Backend developers guarantee elements including the applications’ access to external services and data sources. In most cases, they use more sophisticated programming languages, such as Java, C#, C++, PHP, or Python.

Database developers plan and develop databases and optimize their performance, integrity, and security. Database developers currently predominantly work with relational databases and SQL. noSQL database skills are also increasingly sought-after.

Full-stack web developers merge web-related skills of frontend, backend and databased developers. Consequently, they have a complete overview of individual online applications.

CRM, ERP, and CMS developers adapt existing customer relationship management systems (e.g. SAP, Salesforce), enterprise resource planning systems (e.g. SAP, Infor) or content management systems (e.g. WordPress, SharePoint) to the demands of the corresponding company. SAP consultants who write or adapt software themselves should really also be included in the group of software developers.

Apart from that, there are several other, mostly specialized professions and job titles, such as: Desktop developers, mobile developers, software architects, agile developers, graphics programmers, data scientists (for big data analyses), mathematical and science-based developers, embedded developers, DevOps developers, etc. This also hints at the multitude of opportunities and the excellent job prospects for software developers.

Many Requests, Excellent Conditions: Westhouse is Happy to Advise

The great demand for software developers is reflected in the hourly rates software developers can charge. Experience has shown that, for instance freelance frontend and backend developers can charge between €75 and €95. However, the hourly rates may vary depending on their experience, location, company size and client industry, as well as other framework conditions. When employed or posted to other companies developers starting out in their career can expect an average starting salary of €45,000. With professional experience and the degree of specialization income opportunities will also increase, so that software developers’ average salaries are between €65,000 and €75,000.

Whether you are seeking your next project or permanent employment, the team at Westhouse Group is always delighted to establish contact to skilled software developers, SAP consultants as well as IT and engineering experts of any kind. Contact us! Visit our Job Board for Candidates or call us today at: +49 89 383 772 0. We can help you.

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