Job Search: How to design your profil

Published on 23.07.2017

Job network: How can you be found?

These days it’s not enough to simply be registered with a job network. If you want to use your profile for the job search, you’ll need to bear a number of things in mind to attract recruiters’ attention. Here are three tips taking LinkedIn as an example.

1. Job network visibility

You should always make your profile public and visible to everyone, or the chances of you being found drop dramatically. Being found is the very thing you actually want. So don’t try to be as inconspicuous on the Internet as possible as you might on Facebook and other social media platforms: exactly the opposite will lead to the desired result. Headhunters or recruiters search for certain criteria and naturally only come across publicly accessible profiles. So if you want to optimise your job search by not only searching yourself, but also making sure you can be found, you should pay attention to this tip. Configure your settings for who can see a change of job or general changes to your profile so that everyone receives a notification as soon as you change something. In this way you stay in the minds of your contacts and they are more likely to remember you when it matters.

2. Use key terms

In all network platforms it’s a good idea to use positive key terms like: “excellent”, “obtained”, or “developed”. These are words that many recruiters use as filters. You don’t need fancy, artificial language or buzzwords: less is more. Recruiters are on the search for new employees all day. They like to see short and to the point profiles showing convincing advantages. These leave behind a positive impression.

3. The thin line between confident and arrogant

Following on from the tip above, it’s important to say: it’s always good to be proud of yourself and what you’ve achieved and done so far. But even more important is the packaging for the job networks. Listing your accomplishments is absolutely legitimate, but they must be backed up and not made up out of thin air. This is where certificates, awards or employer references are an advantage. They support the statements you make in your CV and make you and your profile credible and trustworthy.
Last but not least, a clear profile photo can have a supporting effect by making you more noticeable when you search for a job via a network.
So let yourself be found! We wish you lots of luck in your job search.

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