Procurement of projects: Opportunities and risks for Freelancers

Published on 11.07.2018

Freelancers are becoming increasingly popular on the job market. According to a recent study, only half of the projects in companies are filled with permanent employees. That’s good news for freelancers, because this makes the selection of jobs and project agents bigger. With that much choice of project agencies, it’s even more important to find a reliable partner right from the start. What you should be aware of as a freelancer you will find here.

Project brokerage gains market share

According to the “IT Freelancer Study by IDG Research Services, Munich 2018”, freelancers are increasingly in demand. For example, projects in many companies are now more and more made up of equal numbers of permanent and freelance employees. And there’s no end in sight. On the contrary, in the next few years, freelancers will become even more important for companies. Especially IT-Freelancers are particularly in demand because of the more complex requirements in many companies. Projects can barely be handled successfully with internal employees alone – here project brokerage comes into play. To find the suitable freelancer, or – on the part of the freelancer – the right project, a professional project broker is a good choice. As the above mentioned study shows, almost 20 percent of the companies surveyed rely on a service provider to fill the vacant positions.

Freelancers and companies need reliable project brokerage

Therefore, not only freelancers, but also companies in the market of project brokerage should know what they are doing. Because only with the right partner on the side, the project runs as planned. If you as a freelancer pay attention to some characteristics, you will find a reputable and reliable project brokerage.

How do I find a reliable project brokerage?

The question of how to find a good project placement is important not only for freelancers but also for companies. In fact, it is relatively easy to find a reliable and serious project agency:

  • Search the Internet. Take a look at forums: what kind of experiences have been made by other freelancers with the project placement you want to choose.
  • Does the company have awards? Awards can be seen as a seal of approval of the respective project agency. Similar to reviews in forums, these awards go back to the experience of other applicants and employees. We at Westhouse are honored with the kununu top company award we owe to our employees.
  • Is the project placement certified? This also helps you as a freelancer to find a trustworthy partner. Certifications such as ISO or TÜV certification are subject to a strict, multi-level quality process. Only companies that fulfill all requirements will receive the coveted certification. Therefore, we at Westhouse are very proud to have both ISO and TÜV certification.
  • According to “IT Freelancer Study by IDG Research Services, Munich 2018”, it is important for many freelancers that the respective project agency is a specialist in the market and has many contacts in the respective areas. This also corresponds to our understanding of project matching. The fact that we were able to achieve one of the top spots in the Lünendonk Market Segment Study 2016 “The Market for Recruitment, Mediation and Management of IT Freelancers in Germany” again speaks for us as a reliable partner.
  • For many applicants and employees, the transparency of the placement, as well as a functioning settlement plays a major role in the search for the right project brokerage. We at Westhouse see it that way too and rely on reliability, speed, and sustainable and appreciative communication. Consequentially, we were therefore also awarded by kununu as an open company.
  • Number of projects: Of course, project brokerage should offer a wide variety of different projects, such as here.

If you pay attention to these characteristics, you will surely find a reputable and reliable recruitment service in no time.
And by the way, if you were satisfied with the project brokerage, you should stay in contact with the broker – after all, you never know when you will be looking for the next exciting project. This also means that you should keep your contact details and your CV up to date.

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