SAP Freelancer News: Changes to the SAP Cloud Platform

Published on 20.04.2018

SAP Freelancers working in various projects have certainly not missed the latest changes to the SAP Cloud Platform. At the center of the current update is a further expansion of the cooperation with Microsoft. What effect does that have for SAP consultants?

SAP and Microsoft: closer cooperation

The two corporations SAP and Microsoft announce their intention to further strengthen their cooperation. The cooperation does not only refer to the cloud services, but also to internal service of the opposite side.
Both companies announced that SAP S / 4HANA will be used on Azure by both SAP and Microsoft in the future. This is to adjust the management of internal processes of both companies.

Collaboration as an opportunity for freelancers

This is a big challenge for SAP Freelancers: From now on, they not only need to be familiar with the SAP-intrinsic applications, but also with the processes and services of the cooperation partner. But it’s not just a challenge, it’s also an opportunity to position yourself as an SAP consultant for new projects.
Part of the new collaboration is that Microsoft services are now certified and released for use with SAP.
This was also possible before, but with restrictions: Microsoft customers could already operate SAP applications on Azure, but an official certification was missing – until now.

SAP consultants have another field of activity now

SAP consultants can look forward to these changes. This gives them an option to stand out from the competition. Freelancers, who already have knowledge of SAP S / 4HANA on Azure, will have a good chance of getting interesting projects like this ones here.

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