Successful time management for freelancers

Published on 27.04.2018

Failing to plan is planning to fail – this saying derived from classical project management applies to time management, too. A valid reason to introduce you to some tools on how to make more of your time.

Take advantage of the peak periods in the morning

Compared with the rest of the day our brain works most effective in the morning. So it would be a pity if you spent this part of the day exclusively with telephone calls and meetings. Instead you should try to complete task that you would otherwise likely postpone. Why is that? If you do these things in the morning, you still have plenty of energy so that the unpleasant tasks are easier to handle.
But there is another reason why you should complete those tasks as quickly as possible. If you put off things again and again for the entire working day, it will have an impact on the rest of the daily tasks and thus on your performance. Therefore, do not postpone these tasks instead do them asap.

Breaks are important

Besides work, breaks play a major role in time management. And they as well need to be planned. You should not work until your mind is spinning and you have to give up. Because in the long run, this leads to exhaustion and is therefore the opposite of what you need during your working day.
That is why you should incorporate breaks in your working day, but also plan how you want to spent them. Surfing the internet for a few minutes and work again a short time later won’t do the trick. This will not lead to the recovery you’ll need for a busy day.
Our suggestion: The Pomodoro technique, a classic time management tool. As a SAP freelancer you can use it in a modified form as follows: 55-50-30 minutes. In concrete terms, that means that in the first 55 minutes block, you work for 50 minutes and take a break for the remaining five minutes, a real break. That means leave your desk and go for a short walk (to the coffee machine or the window), or even do a short stretching exercise to relieve your back.
This is followed by another 50 minutes of work. In this block you can work really focused for almost a full hour because your brain had some time to recover.
The second block is followed by 30 minutes of real recreation. You should not spend this time at your desk, but actively use this break. Therefore think about what you would most like to do during your break and write it down at the beginning of your day.
This works best with another classic time management tool: the checklist.

Checklist for a successful time management

Time and again you’ll read that checklists can make your daily work more effective. So there has to be a reason for it. In fact, checklists can help to make the best use of the Pomodoro technique.
For this to work, you should have two different lists. The first list includes all the assignments you need to complete on each working day – in prioritized order. The second list contains things that can be a welcome change for you during those breaks. technique.

  • To do list for projects (from important to less important): 1… 2… 3… 4…
  • Activities for the break: 1… 2… 3… 4…
  • Pomodori blocks: Block 1: From …: … to …: … . Break. Block 2: From …: … to …: …  . Block 3: pause activity

As a Freelancer time management is crucial. Another important aspect of an efficient working day is the suitable project. Because not only bad time management, but also less exciting projects can affect the motivation and thus the results. Are you currently looking for the right project? Then click here.

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