That’s why engineers are so interesting

Published on 29.06.2018

What do Leonardo da Vinci, Mikhail Kalashnikov and Charles Goodyear have in common? Exactly, all three gentlemen mentioned above are well-known engineers – but more or less successful. Although these engineers are now known to almost everyone, not all of them achieved financial wealth during their lifetime. For example, Goodyear was impoverished all of his life. Kalashnikov could not live on his invention, as well. Why did these men still study engineering? Because it is exciting – and much more …

Engineers look back on a long history

The first engineers probably lived before the sixth century BC. Because the Hagia Sophia, the famous magnificent building in Istanbul, was build in the sixth century. And without any preparatory work and previous knowledge in the field of architecture and engineering, this construction would certainly not have been possible.
And just one century later the first breakthrough of the Suez Canal succeeded. Moreover, an impressive performance that would have been unthinkable without engineers.
With the onset of industrialization, the demand for engineers grew, and so this era is considered the beginning of engineering as we know it today. But, the profession does not only appeal to men.

Engineers are not always men

There are a lot of women who have been very successful in engineering: Emily Roebling, for example. Born in 1843, she probably did not have the best qualifications to become a well-known engineer. At that time engineering was even more dominated by men than today. Nevertheless, she managed a remarkable achievement: she was significantly responsible for the Brooklyn Bridge being built. When her husband, the actual Chief Engineer fell ill, she took over and led the project to a successful completion. So successful that the bridge is still known today as one of the landmarks of NYC.
Incidentally, the dishwasher is also a feminine invention: we owe this great machine to the American Josephine Cochrane. Today‘s household is no longer conceivable without this device.
Also the bullet-proof vest would not be conceivable without a very special woman: Stephanie Kwolek, the inventor of Kevlar. Kevlar is not only included in the life-saving vest, but in many other items that we use every day. Our daily routine would be completely different without this female engineer.

Engineers are not only in demand on the job market

Regarding the profession, most engineers have no trouble finding the right offer. But also in private life, this professional group seems to be in great demand: According to a survey of the University of Bremen in cooperation with Parship, engineers are among the top ten most sought-after academics and share the top spots in the list with doctors, architects and teachers.
That’s not surprising since the job prospects and the merit of most engineers are above average. Women or men looking for a reliable provider for their family are therefore well advised with an engineer. In addition to the fact that an engineer quickly finds a solution to household problems. The fridge seems to be broken? No problem at all for an engineer.
In order to relieve you, dear engineers, of so much responsibility, we have put together the right jobs for you. So you can fully devote yourself to what you do best: make the world a little bit better every day.

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