The Internet of Things has reached the German Medium-Sized Companies – these opportunities emerge for freelancers

Published on 14.08.2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) reaches the medium-sized companies. In 2016, only 15 percent of the companies dealt with the topic. But their number increased to 37 percent in 2018. And this is just the beginning of the development. By 2020, industry insiders estimate, that there should be over 20 billion devices, which are interconnected within the framework of the IoT. For IT freelancers, this opens up new opportunities for projects and challenges, because the IoT will become increasingly important for medium-sized companies in particular – and they need qualified specialists.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is also increasing the demand for qualified staff

Digitalization and thus the Internet of Things has arrived in the German medium-sized companies. Some companies, for example, use adaptive sensor systems for their machines that are connected with other machines to optimize their processes and maximize profits. This means for freelancers of the IT sector that they can look forward to even more exciting projects. Because the technical requirements increase the demand for technically qualified personnel.
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Data analysis in the IoT: The different platforms

With the IoT, as with many other digital applications, there are tons of data that want to be analyzed. This usually works on special platforms, which is a great opportunity for freelancers: Currently, there is no single platform that can handle all the applications and functions that are possible with the IoT at once. However, many industry experts believe that this will change in the near future. For example, cooperation between different platform providers is likely to increase in order to offer a wider range of services. Freelancers who can position themselves at an early stage have a good chance of helping to shape the market. From a technical point of view, many IT freelancers already have the prerequisites they need to work with the various platforms: With the programming languages C, C ++, Java, Java script and, above all, Python, they are well prepared for the IoT, according to many industry experts.

Connectivity will also be a dominant topic

In the course of the IoT, connectivity will become increasingly important. This development is still in the very beginning, but shows a lot of potential: With the help of interlinked applications and products, companies want to gain and analyze more and more customer data in the near future in order to be able to bind even more customers in the next step. How this data can be obtained and how the various factors must mesh together will also be an issue of increasing importance. A decisive trend is still the narrow band IoT, whose range is to be further expanded. In smart metering, i.e. when retrieving measurement data (heating, water etc. in residential buildings), the narrow band IoT is already being used today. In addition, it is considered for many other areas with very different characteristics: From the localization of animals or persons to an entire Smart City Narrow-band IoT applications are used. This is good news for freelancers looking forward to expanding the narrow band IoT network. Because it means that the need for qualified professionals will continue to increase. Starting this autumn, an IoT network from Vodafone will already be running throughout Germany, where up to 4 billion items can be connected with each other.

IT security remains an important topic

In addition to these innovations, IT security remains important and could even become more important. The reasons are obvious: With more and more devices, machines and applications being connected, there are also more and more potential points of attacks for hackers. Freelancers who are also skilled with IT security in addition to the applications of the IoT will be even more in demand in the near future. And for freelancers who would like to prepare themselves for the future further qualifications in the field of IT security are the way to go.

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